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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Pilgrimage" oil &charcoal on canvas

   This painting has been sitting in my studio for almost a year.   The initial dark oil sketch of the face came together pretty quickly; however, it was all the medium tones and build up of oil layers ...not to mention corrections that took a while. (Oh, and my neck would be sore the next day from poising in the mirror. Ah the suffering one does for the love of painting!) For me the hardest part is trying to create an expression and not have the face look like a photograph.  I tend to get hung up on small details, and it is hard to go against one's nature.  All and all I like the direction that this series, 'Sacred Places' is taking me.
Check out the painting:

"Pilgrimage" oil & charcoal on linen 3'x 4'

    Please note: I used a low resolution image for my blog.  

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