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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vogue 8961, Easy Peesy maybe cheesy?

    Last November my friend came up to Asheville for a visit.  Of course, at the time I felt  I had nothing to wear and decided to whip something up in couple of days, before her arrival.  Fortunately in my stash I had 3 yards of red wool /rayon blend; which was already prepared.  With the fabric on hand, I had intended to make Vogue 8633 ;however, after completing a black worsted wool version, (which didn't turn out so great.) I decided I didn't need one in red, nor the hassle.  I stumbled upon Vogue 8961 and thought this is what I want..... Fast and Easy. I should mention that this dress pattern reminded me of a Barbie disco style dress I once had, and hey if it is good enough for Barbie, it is good enough for me....but without the shiny metallic fabric.  Check out the pattern: 

Vogue 8961

     So this dress came together quick and easy........and I didn't do a test muslin. Pretty much I held the pattern up to my shoulders and ran with it. Of course,  I did have to lengthen the torso 1 1/2" but that is typical for me. Likes:  elastic gathers on the sleeves (although seeing the photos I could have shorten the sleeves an 1") and  short skirt.  Dislikes:  not a big fan of elastic in the waist but it works with a belt. 
Check out those sleeves

Liking the V neck

Easy Peasy possibly cheesy........but it is great for a girl on the go!


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