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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Simplicity 1939/ Cynthia Rowley dress in cotton gauze

   Ok, when a pattern suggests a fabric it doesn't necessarily mean it is the right choice for your sewing skill level. What I am trying to say is this: one of the suggested fabrics for pattern 1939 is gauze, and sewing this dress in a crinkle gauze is not something to try if you are a novice sewer like me on this one.  When I told the girls at Hancock what I was sewing and that the fabric was a crinkle gauze...well, their mouths dropped, especially when I mentioned I sewed the dress in French seams.  I seem to get that response a that I think about it.  Anyway, a nice easily pressed fabric would have been a better choice, oh well.  On a positive note, this is a cute lightweight dress and I  love the color.

"Devil's Court View, Blue Ridge Parkway, 5700 feet elevation'

    Here are the in's and out's of my sewing notes for S 1939.  Fabric choose: cotton crinkle gauze in a warm blue.  Adjustments:  Added 1" to lengthen torso.  After I sewed the dress up, I did add a thin 3/8" knit non roll elastic and casing to the waist because the dress was shapeless without it. Added eye and hooks to the front neckline for modesty.  Although, the next one I sew in cotton sateen I will bring the neckline up. I really am lazy about sewing on extra snaps and hooks,etc.  Sewed in French seams, and self bound seams on the zipper side. As far as the instructions: they were pretty clear and I didn't have trouble understanding them. The ties were a little tricky but I finagled them.

"On a ledge.....of course the words were ringing in my ears from my Mom, "Don't get to close to the edge!"

   Photo shoot:  Once this dress was completed I knew exactly the location to photograph it.....The Blue Ridge parkway at Devil's Court View.  So Sunday I managed to twist Glenn's arm and got him to help me with this project. We were both tired but the sky was cloudy and perfect for with no energy we headed off. In addition,  I knew it would not be an easy photo shoot, cause you have to hike 20 minutes to get to the edge of the cliff; which is at a 5700 feet elevation.  So I put the dress and heels, etc. in my backpack and up we went.  I was surprised at how  many people were on the cliff and changing out of my shorts and shirt and into the dress was challenging.  I might have accidently flashed a few people, but what the hell I figured I would never see these people again. I had to laugh when an elderly lady asked if I hiked in my heels...of course the answer was "yes!" 

 Check out these photos:

"After hiking up...starting to apply makeup"
"It was a little windy up on the ledge"

"Sitting on Ledge"
"Famous Photographer:  Glenn"
   All in all is was a perfect photo day.  Glenn and I found some really cool streams that we want to  play in once when it gets hot next summer. Glenn said for the next photo shoot he wants to go to a I will begin my research, and now figure out what I can sew for the beach photo shoot.

Monday, August 5, 2013

McCalls6249: Loungewear nice enough to hang in a closet

      Typical me, I fell in love with this cotton fabric from Hancock Fabrics even before I had a pattern; however, I did know that a I was going to make a pajama that is how I started this project.  Yes, the romantic in me, loved the antique red roses and french writing......well ya'll know I am from New Orleans, so what was not to love about this print? 

    Next, I found the pattern.... McCalls 6249  .  The pattern says Easy....and it really was, except for one trifle pattern piece, the facing.  On the pattern piece it says to cut 2; which is what I did.  However, on the fabric lay out the pattern piece is lined on the fold.  When I started constructing the top I thought I cut the facing wrong and it needed to be on the fold; however, after about an hour of thinking how I was going to fix the mistake (that was never there) I decided to pick up some trim and create detail on the collar since I had to sew the facing to the front of the shirt.  At this point I was making the entire facing and shirt more complicated with the added detail trim; however, I believe the trim on the collar made the top more elegant then I could ever image.  Isn't learning to sew a lot about fixing/negotiating the problems anyway?  At least it is for me.

                                                     detail of trim on collar and facing

   Here is the low down on my adjustments:  Lengthened torso 1", major full arm adjustment, Added 1" to rise, although I really needed to add only a 1/2".  Shortened legs and should have taken in pants a little bit. (but they are very comfortable)  Sewed using French Seams, and made bias tape from a beautiful white cotton stripe for self binding facing seams.  Lastly, I added a delicate white trim to edge of collar and along front facing. Also, should mention, a tag or piece of ribbon should be sewn on the back of pants, otherwise it is very difficult to tell the front from the back.

detail of self bound seam/ inside facing

 Loungewear nice enough to hang in the closet!

Loungewear turned out nicer then expected!

Next, a set in black cotton lawn; which has become one of my favorite fabrics to sew and wear.