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Friday, January 25, 2013

First Signs of Spring in Asheville 2013

       We thought spring would never get here..........but alas, spring has sprung in Asheville.  Here are some of the first signs of spring:

  Our beautiful patio peaches.  (Oh, the small crates are protecting our little cherry trees from our dogs)

      Another first sign of spring is mowing the lawn.  Yeah, we had our lawn mower serviced just in time, seriously not a day to spare.  We cut last weekend but after a huge rain storm passed through we will be ready to cut again.  Actually we have created so many different types of garden beds that mowing doesn't take that long to do.......since it is little pathways.

      Here is a photo of one of our foundation trees............a weeping cherry tree with GG standing underneath.  ( If you look closely at the above photo, the light pink blooms are the cherry tree. ) 


I love this photo.

Meringue Skirt & Taffy Blouse

       Last year during the holidays Glenn was ordering some books and asked me if I wanted any books too. Of course I had a list ready to go within seconds....lots of sewing books for my library. One such book was Colette Pattern Handbook ........yeah I heard so many wonderful reviews I had to have it.  Well, I have been totally enjoying sewing the patterns as well as working on my sewing techniques.  Who knew making your own bias tape was so easy? (I guess everyone who knows how to make it! ) AND yes the instructions are  in Sarai's book.  Please allow me to go on a bit about this book.  It has beautiful photos, clear instructions, helpful for the beginner, and I love that the patterns are made for a C cup!!!!!!!! 

      Decisions, what to sew first?  I went for the meringue skirt.

      Here are a few of my notes:  Fabric: a black cotton pique from Waechter's Fine Fabric in the sale section. Sewing notes: Size 12, for the meringue skirt I lengthened an inch, skipped the facing and lined with a cotton batiste.  I did sew stay tape for the waist.  Also, made my own bias tape for self bound seams and used for bottom facings.  Check it out:

      Next, I made the Taffy Blouse.  Here are my notes: Fabric:  wearable muslin, poly chiffon from Hancock Fabrics.  Sewing notes:  Size 12, lowered dart 1/2", widened hips a 1/2" total, made bias tape out of black cotton sateen, brought in neckline so bra strap wouldn't show and made sleeves a little bit longer to cover up some chunkiness.  Check it out:

Here is the outfit with a (already had) black jacket:
So glamorous in the field!