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Friday, April 18, 2014

Stuck in muslin hell, but did finish a cute Hello Kitty zipper clutch

    So far I have sewn one skirt draft 4 times to get the correct fit............and I still have one more attempt in my future.  Who knew taking a regular skirt pattern sitting on the natural waist and changing the facing to a high waist pattern would be so troublesome?   Maybe it is my lack of experience, blah, blah.....regardless I am determined to have a usable high waist pattern when this is over....cause you know I want to make 3 of them...seriously.  Check out the pattern that is giving me headaches, Simplicity 5259/ View F:

Evil skirt 

       To take my mind off of the skirt and to remind myself I can sew, I decided to sew up something quick & easy for a Mother's Day present.  So, I went to my book: 100 pretty projects   and found a cute zipper clutch I know my sister will love.  

  Fabric:  Hello Kitty cotton for outside, and a black and white gingham for the inside and outside bow.   Also, there is a stiff interfacing in between the fabric and lining. Check it out:

Quick and cute!
Check out the inside:

Inside is looking good!

    Now that I completed this clutch; which took no time at is back to the grind. Hopefully I will have a new high waist skirt by next week.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Springtime outfit, Meringue skirt and Taffy blouse

     The little bit of warm weather we had here in Asheville, pushed me to finish up a Meringue skirt, that had been sitting in my sewing drawer for almost a year.  Yeah, I had decided to do a variation on the meringue skirt by adding pockets and putting in a back zipper.  After cutting out my fashion fabric and lining fabric, I realized I forgot to add seam allowances to the back zipper....oopsey.  So, I put it in my desk drawer thinking it would magically fix itself, or I would magically loose an inch in my waist and hips........neither happened.  This year,  I decided it was time to remedy the situation, especially since I already had the matching top sewn, and I wanted to wear this cute outfit.  Fortunately I had extra fabric on hand and instead of creating my skirt variation; which I lost all enthusiasm for.....I cut the pattern as is.  Now that my outfit is sewn I am happy with the results.  Check out the outfit.
end of the day, a little wrinkled

    Fashion fabric for Taffy Blouse: a sweet cotton lawn from fashion fabrics club.  Created gray bias tape from Kona Cotton.  Sewed using french seams and I used my roll hemmer foot for the hem.....I love the soft wavy effect. Fashion fabric for Meringue Skirt: a nice cotton twill from Hancock fabrics and the lining I used a black cotton sateen.  Again, I made the bias tape for the edge facing and Hong Kong seams from a cute cotton print. Check out the inside of the skirt:

cotton sateen is so nice for lining

   Adjustment notes:  I lengthened the skirt an 1 so it would be work appropriate, and added a black cotton sateen lining. For the top I lowered the bust dart an 1", added length to sleeves, and a smidge more to the hips. 

    The is the 2nd time I have sewn a Meringue Skirt and Taffy blouse..........I love these patterns!  Who knows I may sew a third set? 

already thinking of sewing up a matching jacket for this outfit


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Simplicity 1693/ maybe thick cotton lace & lining wasn't the best choice for this pattern

      Since I am still on a sewing learning curve, I choose to give myself a break and not freak out about my fabric choice for Simplicity 1693.  I sewed up View A.  Check out the pattern:
View A

      Fashion fabric:  a "suede says" cotton /nylon lace (that I think is too thick for this pattern) and bemberg black for lining.  Basted lining to fashion fabric.  Sewed in french seams, Hong Kong Seams, and did a bias tape hem under stitching.  (I did this because I forgot to add length to the hem.....darn).  Oh, I should mention the photos are subpar, but I will work on better photos for future projects.  Check out the blouse: 
Colors are a little off

Colors are correct but photo is weird

      Things I really like about this pattern:  the scoop neckline, the bell shape sleeves with elastic, and elastic in the waist. I love the button and knotted loop for button hole; which I used black silk thread. This pattern is super easy to sew up, and I tried to focus on fit.  I created a muslin and did my typical changes:  FBA, lengthened torso 1"  (I was suppose to add an 1" to the hem, but forgot to adjust my pattern before cutting out the fashion fabric. oh well) upper arm adjustment. I did add a little bit to the hips. 

Bemberg lining with Hong Kong seam in back

    Also, as mentioned before I forgot to add more length to the hem, and the bottom came up short.  So I came up with a creative way to make a narrow hem.....cause seriously the lace fabric with lining was too thick for a  tradition narrow hem.  Using 1/2" pre-folded bias tape I sewed right sides together and stitched 1/4". Then I under stitched the bias tape to fashion fabric.  Next I folded bias tape and stitched again.  Done! Look how pretty the hem looks inside and out: 
check out that pretty neat hem

   Check out the button & button hole loop in the back:

  Contemplating my next sewing project.   Taking an existing blouse pattern and changing it up to look like an ad blouse for Bottega Veneta.  I will be changing the arm scythe to make large squarish sleeves.  Wish me luck.