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Friday, June 5, 2015

Inspirational outfit from the Wall Street Journal?!

   So, Glenn has been subscribing  to the Wall Street Journal for years, and I have to admit I enjoy reading some of the articles and of course the quarterly color magazine; which features art, fashion, destinations, etc......Basically all the things I love. 

     Any who.... I was flipping through the beautiful shiny magazine and totally flipped for this woman's outfit.  O.k. it is not couture, and looks like something from a thrift store, but that is what I love about it.  In addition, I knew this was an outfit that I could easily sew/ recreate with my own twist.  (Did I really say that, cause you know in the sewing world, rarely is anything easy....oh well.)

     Here is my inspiration outfit:  A gingham top and silk charmeuse skirt with flounce. Check it out: 
Inspiration outfit from Wall St. Journal

      For the skirt pattern I used New Look 6433.  And with a few minor adjustments........I sewed up the skirt to my liking. Using my skirt sloper, I only had to make one muslin and was ready to go for it. 

     Fabric:  JoAnn poly silk charmeuse.  cost $12.  (no lining) regular black 7" zipper and button.

     Adjustment:  Raised front of pattern by 6".  Added two front darts and created a wider waistband, by cutting 2 waistbands and sewing them together instead of folding one.  Also, I did add a button and button hole to the waistband instead of the suggested eye and hook.   Technique: French seams and overlock. Check it out: 
Finished Skirt with flounce

      The Gingham blouse is still a work in progress.  Yes, I am stuck in muslin hell. Currently I am on my 4th try and still have more adjustments to, but with our pending move in little over a week......I had to call it quits and pack up my sewing machine.  Also, I am thinking of trying a different pattern.
McCalls 6124....pattern from hell.

      The pattern that is creating a major fuss is McCalls 6124. .....A basic princess seam blouse.  In my opinion the "cut" of this particular pattern doesn't work for my body shape.   The shoulders are way to big along with the hip.  And don't get me started on the low arm hole; which when I raised created other issues.  And I can't get the back seam to line up with the back sleeve seam.  Yes, I am going to find a Butterick or Simplicity princess seam blouse pattern, and once I get it adjusted I will fix this pattern. Yes, that is what I am going to do.

       Here is the 100% cotton gingham fabric I picked up at Hancock for about $20. Along with some black buttons. 
My version of the inspiration outfit

        I look forward to the move, so I can get back to sewing!

        Until next time....Happy sewing and figuring it out. 

        Even though these two photos belong in the "Garden" page I think they can sneak into this page because the roses in the photos are inspirational to the fabric I choose for the skirt! That is my story and I am sticking to it!

Favorite rose bush in our garden