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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Simplicity 1693/ maybe thick cotton lace & lining wasn't the best choice for this pattern

      Since I am still on a sewing learning curve, I choose to give myself a break and not freak out about my fabric choice for Simplicity 1693.  I sewed up View A.  Check out the pattern:
View A

      Fashion fabric:  a "suede says" cotton /nylon lace (that I think is too thick for this pattern) and bemberg black for lining.  Basted lining to fashion fabric.  Sewed in french seams, Hong Kong Seams, and did a bias tape hem under stitching.  (I did this because I forgot to add length to the hem.....darn).  Oh, I should mention the photos are subpar, but I will work on better photos for future projects.  Check out the blouse: 
Colors are a little off

Colors are correct but photo is weird

      Things I really like about this pattern:  the scoop neckline, the bell shape sleeves with elastic, and elastic in the waist. I love the button and knotted loop for button hole; which I used black silk thread. This pattern is super easy to sew up, and I tried to focus on fit.  I created a muslin and did my typical changes:  FBA, lengthened torso 1"  (I was suppose to add an 1" to the hem, but forgot to adjust my pattern before cutting out the fashion fabric. oh well) upper arm adjustment. I did add a little bit to the hips. 

Bemberg lining with Hong Kong seam in back

    Also, as mentioned before I forgot to add more length to the hem, and the bottom came up short.  So I came up with a creative way to make a narrow hem.....cause seriously the lace fabric with lining was too thick for a  tradition narrow hem.  Using 1/2" pre-folded bias tape I sewed right sides together and stitched 1/4". Then I under stitched the bias tape to fashion fabric.  Next I folded bias tape and stitched again.  Done! Look how pretty the hem looks inside and out: 
check out that pretty neat hem

   Check out the button & button hole loop in the back:

  Contemplating my next sewing project.   Taking an existing blouse pattern and changing it up to look like an ad blouse for Bottega Veneta.  I will be changing the arm scythe to make large squarish sleeves.  Wish me luck.

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