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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Glamorous baby quilt


         This is the 2nd quilt/ blanket I have made, and I am calling it a "glamour baby quilt".  Yes, I figured when you add a pink "silk" chiffon with lots of gathers......then glamour is the word that comes to mind. 

        Unlike the first quilt I sewed up,  this quilt I designed.   Yes, I just let the fabric tell me how it wanted to be laid out and went with it. Although, I did have an overall vision of how I wanted it to look and stayed on track.  

         Guidelines: I wanted the blanket/ quilt to feel like it was vintage or heirloom and to be light and airy.

         I think the flower print in pink and the print for the bias tape and backing was right on track. The mother to be picked bees as her theme, and yellow and gray are her colors with a chevron pattern. (Also, she is having a little girl)  With a limited time frame, I was forced to go to the local fabric store. Of course when I went to the fabric store my choices were slim.  Moreover, I totally fell in love with the pink print.  In addition, I could not find  yellow chiffon (maybe it is out of style this year?) however the pink went perfect with the print.  Although, my Mom did raise her eyebrows when I mentioned chiffon in the quilt........she couldn't image what I was doing.  Then the rest was easy peasy.  How lucky was I to find the honeycomb print which I used to make the  abstract bee appliqued.  And the white chevron print was perfect for the background and quilt.

         In addition, I really wanted to have mitered corners; however, I had no clue how to do that.......thank goodness for You tube.  Check out this wonderful link I found: Mitered corners for quilts      

          How I created quilt: First things first, the math of it all!  I knew I wanted to create a rectangle picture in the center. and use 3" triangles for the quilt.  So I made the rectangle 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" (for seam allowance)  ironed interfacing to the back, and went from there. Then  I drew out the bees and cut out a pattern,  ironed interfacing to the back of the bee fabric . Cut out, and sewed down using my satin stitch on my machine.  After that I ripped the chiffon in 3 1/2" strips and created gathers; which I then sewed down to white cotton fabric, and sewed around my rectangle to form my first border.  From there it was just taking the time to cut the triangles and figure out how to arrange them. Once that was accomplished, I made another outer border of chiffon.   Almost finished..........I mitered all the corners. (I really should have done a better job making sure the corners lined up)  Before, quilting the front to back I sewed ribbon on the back so the quilt can be hung by a rod. After quilting,  I then made the bias tape for the finishing touch. 

          Finished Size: 30" x 36"  

         My only negative is the photo.  I wish I had a better photo of the quilt.  oh well.

 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on how I made this.

Next my sewing machine.  I managed to put the sewing paraphernalia up.......but the machine is in need of a good cleaning!