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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Simplicity 1783, Cynthia Rowley

      Did I ever mention that I love Cynthia Rowley's designs?  Well I certainly love her designs, but sewing this outfit, Simplicity 1783, Cynthia Rowley was not easy for me.  (Although,it could be that I had a total brain melt.  Seriously, I was messing up on simple reading, comprehension, looking at the pictures..oh well.) So, lets get started, it is going to be a bumpy ride:

     Here are my notes for the  wearable muslin blouse:  Fabric used: a crepe de chine poly from Hancock in the value section, and for the neckline & wrist edges a crepe back satin from Hancock.  (Since this is a wearable muslin, I went for inexpensive fabric, and I am so glad I did because of my silly mistakes.)  Sewed with French Seams. Adjustments:  I omitted the zipper, and shortened the length of the sleeve.  Because this pattern had a lot of ease, I went down a size (cut size 14); however, I wish I would have better measured the bottom darts, cause after I sewed the blouse, it came out a little least more snug then I like. Also, mistake #1, I failed to gather the center section of the neckline....check out the photo:
Close up of fabric.  Notice: I forgot to gather the center section along the neckline.

    Moving on to the skirt:  A couple of years ago I picked up some cute Betsey Johnson embroidered black corduroy on sale at a local fabric store. 

"Black Embroderied Betsey Johnson Corduroy"

      I knew I wanted to make a skirt from this gorgeous fabric.  Of course when I saw this pattern....that was it. I cut a size 16 and didn't make any adjustments.  (I did read that some lengthened the skirt; however, I have short legs so I didn't have to do that.)  Now "Empress" that is my sewing machine, does not like corduroy, even using a jean needle.  So, it was a constant battle and I felt I had to push the fabric the entire time.  Initially, I wanted to line the skirt; however, once I started sewing I knew that this was not an option.  As for the construction, I ended up sewing the zipper and fly opposite  the instructions.  I cut my fabric with the nap facing one way and didn't have enough fabric to recut the fly zipper area, so I had to sew in opposite manner. ( I think the layout for cutting fabric was wrong?) Also, I felt the zipper could have been a smaller length.  Oh, did I mention I sewed the pocket openings the wrong way? Yeah, had to seam rip and re-sew.  (You know when you mess up right at the beginning, it will be a tough project.) Now one part of the skirt I like is on the inside.  I made bias tape from a cute cotton print  for self bound seams and also the inside waistband.  It makes me happy when I see it.  

"Inside skirt"

     For the hem, I hand stiched a narrow hem and used hem tape.   I did mess up when I hemed the front vent together.......but at that point I was so over it, that I said screw it............and I wear it "as is".  Check out the photos of the outfit:

"Completed Rowley outfit"
"With (already had) velvet jacket"

     Lastly, I do plan to re-make another version of the top in real silk  crepe de chine from Mood Fabric, but this time I will gather the entire neckline and give myself a little more ease at the waist line or loose 5 pounds.....which ever comes first! Ha!

     Oh, Glenn and I drove around last Sunday taking these photos.  I didn't include the photos of me in a 6' foot ditch (Glenn said it would make a great photo, NOT), nor did I include the photos of someones dogs stepping into the photo shoot with me!!!!


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