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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vogue 8815....Love the Peplum

         For the longest time I have been wanting to make a peplum blouse.  I waited until Hancock Fabrics had their $3.99 Vogue pattern sale and then I snatched one up.  The pattern and instructions were so easy, that I whipped out this top in no time.  Also, I contemplated the exposed zipper look for the back; however, I wasn't a fan of the zipper tape showing on the I compromised.  I purchased a thick silver metal teeth zipper and sewed the zipper tape to the seam and exposed the teeth.  I really love the way it came out; which is neat and modern. Check out the detail photo of the back of  the top:

"Modern and Neat"

      Here are my  sewing notes for the peplum top:  Fabric used a black cotton broadcloth.  Adjustments:  full arm (and I made a narrow hem for sleeve) and elongated the torso 1 1/4".  (Note:  the waist line for the top is suppose to sit about an inch from you waist, I thought that was to high for me, so I made the waist line of the blouse rest 1/2" above my natural waist....which I think is flattering and comfortable.) I  sewed french seams for the blouse except for the zipper, I self bound my seams.  *Oh, just thought I would mention something about french seams....if the fabric isn't even when you sew your first set of seams then you should trim any excess.  I forgot this and along the waistline where the darts were not perfectly squared....they showed up on the front of the top.  So I had to very carefully trim those fly aways.  Now I am becoming more aware of this the more I sew french seams.

      For the skirt, I decided to use pattern New Look 6107  .  I really like the back vent on this pencil me it looks more professional.  Check out the photo:

                                                       "Back vent with regular zipper"

       Here are my sewing notes for this skirt:  Fabric, I choose this Victorian cotton floral.  For the underlining I choose a poly/cotton batiste. Also, made bias tape from the Victorian cotton for self bound seams.  For this skirt I really wanted to try underlining the skirt instead of lining.  *Underlining is when you cut the same pattern pieces for the inside fabric as well as the outside fabric, and baste them that is what I did.  I machine basted the pieces together and then sewed it up following the instructions.  Adjustments:  no measurement adjustments; however, I did change up the zipper installation.  The pattern called for a lapped zipper seam; however, I just did a standard zipper installation.  * I learned this technique of basting the seams together and then putting a standard zipper face down on the inside seam and sew it.  Once you take out the basting it matches up nicely.  It is pretty quick and easy. Although an invisible zipper would have been just as nice and easy.  (Maybe next time I will go for the lapped zipper to test my skills?)  Anyway, I self bound all seams and did a blind hem stitch for hem.  (I love cotton for the blind hem stitch easy.)   Check out the photo for the inside of the skirt: 


"Inside Skirt with self bound seams / underlining"

      So here is my new spring outfit together.  I really love the cotton.........very comfortable and easy.


"Spring time outfit"

    Side note:  I had so much fun taking this photo.  It was a cool and wet morning so my bare feet kept sliding and sinking in the mud.