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Friday, May 17, 2013

"Sacred Places"........series

      This series for me has been a life time of struggling and learning to which I feel I can say I have painted something good.  These new paintings incorporate my love of traveling into the unknown.......or simply put, where there is no map or maybe reaching one's destination and it isn't on the map, and the feeling of awe when you get swept up in the new environment.  For me the white fog in the paintings represent the unknown and the pseudo self portraits are one of zillions of emotions one goes through when traveling the unkown.  This new series is simply called, "Sacred Places".  

"Captured" oil on linen, copper leaf and graphite

         This next painting was the first piece when I started thinking of this new idea of "Sacred Places".  I feel that it is not as successful, but has potential.  Eventually, I want to repaint it in a larger format (3'x4') cause right now I feel it is too small and tight. (18"x 24")  Since I am a tactile person...I don't get upset about re-working or re-doing is just part of the hard work that goes into what you love.

"Inner Calling" oil on panel, gold leaf, charcoal

      I would to hear feedback on these paintings.  ENJOY!

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