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Monday, August 5, 2013

McCalls6249: Loungewear nice enough to hang in a closet

      Typical me, I fell in love with this cotton fabric from Hancock Fabrics even before I had a pattern; however, I did know that a I was going to make a pajama that is how I started this project.  Yes, the romantic in me, loved the antique red roses and french writing......well ya'll know I am from New Orleans, so what was not to love about this print? 

    Next, I found the pattern.... McCalls 6249  .  The pattern says Easy....and it really was, except for one trifle pattern piece, the facing.  On the pattern piece it says to cut 2; which is what I did.  However, on the fabric lay out the pattern piece is lined on the fold.  When I started constructing the top I thought I cut the facing wrong and it needed to be on the fold; however, after about an hour of thinking how I was going to fix the mistake (that was never there) I decided to pick up some trim and create detail on the collar since I had to sew the facing to the front of the shirt.  At this point I was making the entire facing and shirt more complicated with the added detail trim; however, I believe the trim on the collar made the top more elegant then I could ever image.  Isn't learning to sew a lot about fixing/negotiating the problems anyway?  At least it is for me.

                                                     detail of trim on collar and facing

   Here is the low down on my adjustments:  Lengthened torso 1", major full arm adjustment, Added 1" to rise, although I really needed to add only a 1/2".  Shortened legs and should have taken in pants a little bit. (but they are very comfortable)  Sewed using French Seams, and made bias tape from a beautiful white cotton stripe for self binding facing seams.  Lastly, I added a delicate white trim to edge of collar and along front facing. Also, should mention, a tag or piece of ribbon should be sewn on the back of pants, otherwise it is very difficult to tell the front from the back.

detail of self bound seam/ inside facing

 Loungewear nice enough to hang in the closet!

Loungewear turned out nicer then expected!

Next, a set in black cotton lawn; which has become one of my favorite fabrics to sew and wear.

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