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Friday, February 17, 2017

McCall's 6124 in Purple Cotton Gingham with Pearl Buttons

     Even though most of the country is dealing with winter; aka cold, & snow...down in New Orleans we are busy preparing for Mardi Gras in springtime weather.  Seriously our azaleas are blooming right now.   So the timing was perfect to photograph my newest blouse.....MCcall's 6124.

Look at those azaleas blooming 

      This particular pattern gave me lots of problems, especially where the back of the sleeve seam meets up with the back seam.  Although I did a few adjustments to the pattern, I still was unable to get those two seams to meet up. And after two years of adjusting and readjusting,  I said to hell with it.  However, I don't think anyone will notice, except for me or those sewing enthusiasts. 

MCCall 6124

      Fabric:  a beautiful purple cotton gingham from   
      Buttons: sweet little pearl buttons from my stash.

    Adjustments and sizing:  Typically I cut a size 18 for McCall and Butterick. Adjustments: shorten sleeves.......however, I did shorten them 1/2" too short, but   I already lengthened my pattern for my next blouse.  Enlarged sleeves for my upper arms. A little increase for the back.  I didn't have to do a full bust adjustment but I did have to increase by about 3/8". ( Also, the blouse is a little tight right now b/c I gained weight since sewing the blouse.  Yeah, got sick, a cold of all things,  for 3 weeks and now I am finally back on track with working out and dieting.  ) 

detail of button 

   Now that I finally got this pattern adjusted for a good fit, I am very happy to have it in my collection.  Already I am sewing a cute black and white larger gingham print in cotton.  In addition, I know I will continue to sew up this is a classic.

    Happy Mardi Gras!



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  1. What a very lovely classic blouse, and turned out great! I'm a sucker for gingham print too!