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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Decorative Pillow for Gift Giving

     Now that the holidays are over, I can blog about a decorative pillow that I made for a close friend for Christmas.  Recently, she re-decorated a guest bedroom and I really wanted to make something special for her.  The bedroom has several black and white photos and I was inspired by the steel gray colors that are predominant in the room.......Off to Hancock.

     Actually having some time to shop at Hancock; which I have few these days (too much over time) I wondered into the craft section of Hancock.  I was immediately taken in by this cute book: "Modern Primitive Embroidery"    I knew I had to incorporate one of these simple designs.  So with the book in my basket, I made my way over to the decorative fabric section.

    To my surprise, I found some gorgeous gray fabrics and was as if Hancock's merchandiser had me in mind.  Love the gray linen and silky decorative brocade. So, with pillow, trim , fabric and book in the basket I was off to start my project.

    First things first, I always go to Cottage Magpies  tutorial on sewing decorative pillows.  Angela does a wonderful job explaining and photographing step by step details on making decorative pillows.  

   After cutting and overlocking the  fabric 's edges, it was time to embroider.  With my new little book, I picked out a cute vase and flower design.  I really appreciate that the author presents her designs in three sizes; which make it quite simple to trace the size you want and start embroidery. I traced my pattern onto tissue paper and then embroidered carefully over the tissue paper and then pulled the paper off in the end.  Method isn't hard, but it did leave tiny papers everywhere. Next time, I may try using a fabric pen. Also, the stitching instructions are easy peasy. Over all I am happy with the design, but I did deviate from the original design a little......I simplified it even more. 

Finished results: size approx: 12" x 16"  Fabric: 1/2 of a yard of linen and brocade. Trim: 5 yards. Time: Embroidery: around 10 hours, and sewing pillow, a day. 

Check out the gift/ pillow : 

Decorative pillow front 

Detail of embroidery

Backside of pillow


  1. Love it! You did great with the embroidery!!

  2. Love it! You did great with the embroidery!!