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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

McCall's 6650/ View C easy work blouse

    This (wearable muslin) blouse has been waiting on me to get photographed for a second try.  Yes, the first photos were awful so I retook them and all in all I think the photos came out well.  Check it out:
Check out that breeze action!

    Even though I did a test run with some scrap fabrics, I wanted to make sure I got the proper fit before cutting into my (real fabric) a sheer silk cotton clipped voile.  Yeah, a few months back my Mom and I went to MaryJo's in Gastonia, NC and I purchased this gorgeous fabric there. Check out the fabric: 

Love this fabric 
       Wearable Muslin Fabric:  an "everyday deal" poly charmeuse  fabric from Hancock fabrics. I think I paid something like $3 a yard.  The blouse took 2 yards. As a side note: I must mention that due to the lack of quality in the fabric, it frayed faster then I could sew up.  Also, it was super slippery and went off the grain a little bit.  I really should have mirrored the front and back panel patterns, so I wouldn't have to cut it on the fold.  Oh well, live and learn.

trying to show slit in skirt

     Techniques:  I sewed up using French Seams.  Also, I did use bias tape for the hem to give a clean neat finish.  Check it out: 

bias hem for a neat finish 

     Sewing Issues:  I was a little confused at first by the placket but after making the first test run with scrap fabric, I felt comfortable sewing it up again. Also, the shoulders were a little large and had to be cut down. I did find the waist was way too large and tapered down 2 sizes smaller, creating more of an hour glass shape instead of the boxy shape of the pattern.  Of course, I did have to make an upper arm adjustment; which I thought was weird because the rest of the pattern was so large.  Also, I shortened the sleeves by an 1" too.   Normally I have to lengthen the torso, but not in this case.  

     Time:  A few days to sew up once I adjusted the pattern pieces. 

     Over all View C is easy to sew up once you get the fit you want.  

     Lastly, I sewed up Simplicity 5259 (skirt) in a black cotton twill.  I underlined the skirt with black bemberg.  Yeah, I hand basted the rayon to the twill, then sewed up following directions.  Changes: I added a silver exposed zipper and made a high waisted facing.   Purchased bias tape for the Hong Kong seams.  I love the front slit on this skirt.........and the cotton twill is very comfortable.  

      Fabric: cotton twill and for underlining Black Bemberg

inside zipper and finished seams

      Techniques: Hong Kong seams.   Hand basted lining to cotton twill then sewed up normally. Exposed silver zipper. 

       Time: A few days.  Pretty easy once I got the correct fit with the changes I made to the original pattern.  

Finished outfit

    I have already started to sew up the silk cotton voile blouse and am looking forward to wearing it............and showing it off!

Happy sewing.



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