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Monday, May 26, 2014

Flirty Simplicity 1587

   With no time to spare...... I was able to sew up Simplicity 1587 for Sunday's wedding celebration.  I love this cool, comfortable cotton swiss dot dress.  It is so cute. Check it out: 
Flirty Simplicity 1587

   Fabric:  100% Cotton swiss dot .  I didn't underline or line....instead I opted to wear a skirt slip underneath the dress, to save time.

  Total cost to make: $30.  Time frame: I sewed up two bodice muslins; which took a couple of days, but once I decided on the correct size I sewed the dress up in my spare time within 4 days. 

  Technique:  Sewed using french seams.  Sewed stay tape to each zipper seam and the base of the front yoke for extra stability. Purchased lavender bias tape for bound seams along zipper and for hemming the skirt and sleeves. Yes, I love bias tape for small hems, cause it is so neat and pretty.   Check it out: 

bias tape for hem and bound zipper seam

bias tape for sleeve hem

     Sewing Issues:  The main sewing issue that I encountered with this pattern had to do with sewing the front skirt to the front yoke.  I think if I was sewing the standard way with right sides together I wouldn't have had any issues; however, I wanted the dress in french seams, so I had a hard time lining up the dots, and the gathers look weird in that spot.  oh well, that was my bad.  Also, the loop pattern piece, was very difficult to turn right side out, even with a loop turner. A small complaint that I have about the instructions have to do with the seams of the front pleating in the neckline.  After completing the dress I realized that no where did Simplicity mention finishing those I used my  over lock function on my machine.  I did hang my dress over night and the front skirt dropped longer then the back.  So, I did end up having to cut the front skirt about a 1/2" shorter to try to even it out.  I think it is still a little off, but my photographer said it wasn't noticeable.  However, after looking at the photos I think it is. Eventually when I get a dress form, I will be better equipped to deal with hems, but for now, I do the best I can. 

    Alterations:  Instead of the 1 1/4" hem for sleeve, I went with a small 5/8" hem.  Lengthened the torso 1" .  Went up two sizes for sleeve, cause there is not a lot of ease.  Also, the pattern calls for a 16" invisible zipper; however, Hancock fabrics only had a 14" I purchased it and hoped for the best.  It worked out beautifully. 
bias tape on back facing
  Bow:  Originally I wasn't sure about adding the bow to the neckline. However, after laying some  buttons on top of the knot, I realized there was a lot going on with the print, and opted for the bow.  So glad I did...I love the bow. 
bow detail

  Thoughts:   I love this flirty dress.  There are some great details, like the sleeves.  I totally can see me sewing one up in a solid color fabric and adding the two buttons. Oh, next time I wear this dress I will make sure to button the back; which I forgot to do cause I was in a rush to get out the door! (Yeah, that is what is flapping at the back neckline) 

sleeve detail

  Next up: A black cotton twill front slit skirt with exposed zipper.  Fabric and underlining is cut, just need to get to hand basting them together. 

  Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! 

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