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Monday, February 17, 2014

Gold leaf shines in "Travelers"

      My little paintings are making progress, although I will say it is a tedious progress compared to painting in a large format.  Yes, one little line drawn a centimeter too long and the little face paintings become wacky; which is not my ultimate goal.  Anyway, I enjoyed painting "Travelers".  I used a prussian blue/  burnt umber brown mixture for the buildup of the face in the Mom and baby.  Then I used a glazing mixture of terra cotta color to create a flesh tone. I like the way the glaze skims over the buildup of blue brown.  The entire palette of this painting is warm, except for the white titanium glaze that is brushed over the background.  Also, the gold leaf was applied with no attention to detail.......I didn't want any real patterns in the gold leaf.  

    Details:  "Travelers", oil and gold leaf on wood panel. Size: 8"x 10"


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